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AustLon® is a high grade engineering plastic manufactured exclusively by McNeall Plastics Pty Ltd, a wholly owned Australian company.

AustLon® is a monomer cast nylon produced by a unique process known as activated anionic adiabatic polymerisation. This method of nylon production results in a highly crystalline engineering plastic, which means a tougher, wear resistant engineering plastic. AustLon® is the preferred material where issues stemming from abrasive wear, impact strength, bearing strength, noise, weight and corrosion have been difficult to resolve.

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AustLon® has gained widespread acceptance as a practical alternative in applications where metals have traditionally been used. AustLon® has proven to be a successful replacement to metal components including bushes, sheaves, rollers and wear pads, plus more.

Engineering drawings will often specify particular engineering plastics brands. McNeall Plastics locally manufacture a range of engineering plastic products that are equivalent or out perform these brands

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